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Role: Product Designer       Platform: iOS

Concept Video

To get the green light to move forward with the new version of the app, I worked with the Honest Co. founders, marketing and product teams to create a quick video that represented what the app could be based on their concerns and business goals. The video covers potential solutions that would be then tested as we designed and prototyped. The video working timeline was about 1-2 weeks. Prior to this, we only had the physical packaging to guide the digital design. Knowing that, we had to adjust our process in order to deliver on time. If approved, we would dive deeper into design and research before executing the concepts. The project itself was a short, yet valuable experience. Even though there are processes that could have been more ideal with time, it is important to adapt to project timelines and needs.

Concept Video Process

First, we met with founders, the marketing team, and press team to understand the business goals and personal needs for the project. Together with the product and dev team, we brainstormed potential solutions to their problems and organized them into categories. Next, we formed digital sketches that were a mix of wireframes and ui design. Because there were so many moving parts to this quick project, it was necessary to create a stickersheet for consistency. Although these styles were temporary, they became the starting point for the style guide (see next section). From there, I skinned the wireframe sketches and created a video and presentation.

Style Guide

For our style guide, we looked to both Atomic Design and Google's Material Design as a guideline. Here are just a few pages from our ever-evolving
style guide.


Featured on the App Store

Editor’s Choice, Best New Apps, Lifestyle
November 2015

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April 2016

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